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The Benari Law Group is equipped and ready to handle every criminal charge on the spectrum, including consequential matters like appeals, pardons and expungements.

Our experienced attorney team includes former prosecutors, veterans of the criminal defense law front, dedicated legal advocates and skilled negotiators. No matter what criminal charges you are facing, our outstanding legal team is prepared to protect your interests and build your defense.

We provide legal counsel and aggressive rights protection to defendants in all criminal law matters, including:
Federal crimes
White collar crimes
Internet crimes
Sex crimes and child porn
Domestic violence and assault
Drug crimes
Theft crimes
College student arrests
Juvenile crimes
Traffic and licensing

Our team brings decades of combined experience to your defense. We know that the criminal justice system is heavy-handed, and we work hard to win favorable outcomes for our clients. We have successfully represented over 2,000 defendants in criminal cases, and are prepared to do the same for you.

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